Monetize Your Virtual Event
Direct Sales, Product Demo, Live Chat, Real-time Talk Show, Cloud Document in one place
with vExpo
Virtual Event
Participate at anytime and anywhere
Go Virtual & Make Money
Meet your business partners online
Interactive Virtual Booth
We digitalize offline experience to the virtual world and more than that:
  • Marketplace: monetize the virtual event
  • Live Stream: utilize video calls in promotion
  • Networking: interact with exhibitors & other users
  • AR Experience: preview the product lively
  • Gamification: create more fun and stickiness
  • Social Media: promote your booth online
  • Application: fulfill different needs
  • Mobile Experience: anytime and anywhere
More than just a Website
Unlike other "online fairs", we bring offline Experience to Online with Monetization
Customization of Appearance
Customize the Colors, Themes and Graphics according to particular events and festivals

Our graphical engine supports drawings, vector illustrations, real photos and animations.
One-stop Payment Solution
Integrated and Localized Payment Gateways which bring transactions to you and monetize the virtual event

Currently we support popular credit cards (international) and popular transfer gateways (HK). More are coming.
Social Media & Deep-Linking
Unique Website Hyperlink directing users to your Virtual Booth in Desktop & Mobile

You can promote your virtual booth, products and services on Social Media & SEM
CMS & Live Analytics
Interactive Dashboard showing Live Stat of your Virtual Booth

Get Notified for guests browsing your virtual booth and Interact with them
Pricing Package
Fixed Package
Charge a Fixed Fee by quantity
$399 up /virtual booth
Applicable for events without transactions, for example, job fair, trade fair, etc.
Start from $0
Free Entry until Turnover
12% up
Suitable for events with transactions, for example, festival marketplace, book fair, etc.
Go Virtual in 2021
The working and entertainment lifestyle have been shifted to online, remote and virtual since 2020 pandemic crisis.
Use Case
Charity Event
Donation, Sponsorship in one place
Brand New E-commerce Experience
Business Fair
Connect with Partners across the globe
Business Partner
Request Demo